Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Work It Wear Wednesdays- Fierce and Sophisticated

Anne Klein Quilted Handbag Black Pants INC Petites Gucci Sunglasses

Anne Klein Quilted Handbag Black Pants INC Petites Gucci Sunglasses

Anne Klein Quilted Handbag Black Pants INC Petites

Black Bebe Zahara Platforms

Red Leopard Print Peplum Top: INC International Concepts (similar)
Handbag: Anne Klein
Petite Black Pants: INC International Concepts Sunglasses: Gucci
Platform Heels: Bebe (similar)
Hair and Make Up: Francisco Estrada
Photography: Franz Swantko

Do you ever have those days where you jump out of bed in the morning and can't wait to get started on a fantastic new work project?  

Lately, I have been having those types of mornings a lot.  One major reason is that I started this blog, but also because I recently received a promotion at work.  It's a nice feeling to be validated for not only what you do, but most importantly "how" you do your work.  The reason why I like this outfit for work is because it represents an attitude of fierceness, ready to accomplish a lot and take on whatever tasks the day may bring.  However, I usually wear a cardigan over all of my tops at work for a more polished and professional look (so I would advise that when styling also).  Southern California is a bit more casual when it comes to work attire, so how you style this outfit for work just depends on your office dress code.  When I have something really important to do, I usually wear red and black.  Why?  Red is powerful and people notice you wearing red in a crowded boardroom or when giving an important presentation.  Black is also powerful, but classy and sophisticated.  I would also advise wearing a black suit with a red blouse or button up collared shirt (no leopard print LOL) to a job interview.  This will make you stand out and you will probably have a better chance of being remembered for the position.  Let me know if you do this and it works. Peplum is my new "old" love.  The reason why I say "old", is because it is an old style adopted from the 40's, but is a look that really is timeless.  I also like peplum because I think it's a nice feminine style that looks great on most women.  When choosing accessories, I chose black because red is so bold and I wanted the shirt to be my focal point.  When choosing accessories; it's always a good idea to make sure that the gold or silver hardware on your belt, jewelry, shoes or bag match for an overall cohesive look. 

Hope you have a Fashionably Fierce and Fabulous Work Week!



  1. looking gorgeous

  2. Couldn't agree more with the fierce feeling. You're definitely rockin' it!! Red is such a fabulous stand out color.

  3. I know, this outfit is a little intense :) Thank you!

  4. Congrats on the promotion!

    I usually wear a cardigan at work also because like you said it definitely looks more professional and put together:-) Also, you look great in red!

  5. I do like this fierce outfit....and being in a fierce state of mind is always fantastic!
    you look phenomenal my dear!love the animal print blouse....gorgeous pants and heels combo:)