Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DIY Champagne Brunch

Hello!  How are you doing?  I hope you have been having a wonderful time vacationing, or just spending some time relaxing.  My summer has been fun, and part of that has been planning ways to get together with friends.  A few weeks ago I planned a Champagne Brunch DIY Style.  Luckily, my friend helped me set everything up.  We spent all night decorating our patio gazebo tent inside and out because it was literally just a metal frame bare bones structure.  I don't know what I would have done without her.  She helped me decorate this gazebo and cooked the food for the brunch.  She's a gem:)  It's good to have people in your life who come to the rescue and help you when you need it.  It's always nice to go out to champagne brunches, but this time I wanted to enjoy a brunch outside in the sun with friends at home.

This feather wreath hangs from the top of our gazebo and I fastened it so it lights up with LED Lights at night.  I also thought it would look a little bit more magical in the evening if we draped a lace tablecloth underneath it to view the lights through. We had way more food than what is pictured here and it made it easier to have friends bring some dishes too.  Have you ever tried Almond Champagne? I'm a huge fan of Almond Champagne and this time we had some from Almond Creek Vineyards.  It was delicious!  Also, I'm a huge fan of bacon (especially Boar's Head bacon).  What about you?  We indulged a little bit at this brunch and it certainly was a nice way to relax.  This is definitely something we will do again.

Friday, August 5, 2016

My Dream Closet

Have you ever imagined what your 
dream closet would look like?

I have.  

It would be Functional, Organized, and Spacious.

It would also have…

A Sparkly Chandelier

Restoration Hardware crystal circle chandelier
Restoration Hardware

Lots of space between each item.

Natural light with a glass ceiling like an atrium for an airy feel.  I would love to experience the sunlight even while working indoors on my computer.

A large bistro café like table with two chairs so I can use that space to set up my computer, work on my blog, or drink coffee with a friend.

A fluffy chair with a side of flowers.

Z Gallerie

A corner with a large full length dressing mirror with backlit lighting.

A Rococo Style Vintage Vanity. 

One can dream…Okay, back to reality….Does your closet look like this?  

Are you a college student living in a very small dorm in San Francisco? Maybe you just moved into your first micro apartment in New York City, or are renting a little room with no closet space at all in Los Angeles, and all you have is a makeshift rolling clothes rack with a hanging shoe rack over the door.  

makespace app

Are you an amazingly creative, but disorganized, and messy fashion blogger in Chicago?  Shoe, bag, and clothes hoarder?  Is your jewelry a tangled mess and you can’t find the pair to the other shoe in the pile?  Or maybe could it be that you just have too much stuff?

makespace app

Ok, you don’t have to answer that…but if you can relate to this scenario, then maybe this app from MakeSpace can help to pick up, store, and bring back what closet items you need each season when you need them. 

The first part of getting organized is getting rid of stuff you don’t use or need.   Getting rid of stuff that doesn’t bring you joy like pants that you grew out of back in high school and that souvenir collection collecting dust, all need to go. Below is a flowchart that may help you decide how you can declutter.
makespace app

The next part is sorting through what you will need and use for the current season and what you can store away for the next season.  That way, the space you have stays functional, organized, and spacious.

Here is how it works:

When you download their app, you can ask a MakeSpace representative to pick up your stuff, store it safely for you for as long as you wish, and when you need it back for that season or move, you can request it back again by simply using the MakeSpace app.  

makespace app

makespace app

If you'd like to see some of the Self Storage Locations Click Here 

More locations are coming soon.  What a great idea for an app!

*This post was a collaboration with MakeSpace.  I was not paid for this review.