Sunday, August 20, 2017

Uncommonly Good Gifts with UncommonGoods

Have you ever wondered and wondered what gift to get someone?  I most certainly have.  Every time a wedding or bridal shower rolls around, you have to figure something out.  And what about those groomsmen right?  Well, wonder no more.  Now, you don't have to feel as though you are just buying merchandise.  You can actually invest in giving a unique and special gift to someone while making a positive impact in someone else's life and on the world.  Cheers to that!

Here's why...recently, I discovered UncommonGoods, a company that features both Uncommonly Good Gifts while also doing a lot of good at the same time.  What's nice about this company is that they work with artists and small manufacturers, and are committed to selling products that are recycled.  Another interesting fact, UncommonGoods is also a founding member of B Corporation which gives companies a B Seal allowing customers to become aware that these companies have met their standards for providing a living wage, lessening the impact on their environment, and giving back to the community.   

So, let the Uncommonly Good Gift Giving begin...

Looking for something classic?  There is no better way to commemorate someone's wedding day than by creating something memorable.  Artist Alexander Doll composes a very customized version of a wedding gift with city skyline wedding art .  He constructs a classic couple against the iconic skyline of each couple's wedding location with the couple's names, wedding date, and venue name included.  He also uses archival paper and ink to preserve this piece of art from this special day.  For an even more personalized version, you can choose the color of  the backdrop, hair color, and skin tone.

City Skyline Wedding ArtUncommonGoods art wedding gift bride wedding couple wedding photo artist handmade city skyline wedding art
UncommonGoods art wedding gift bride wedding couple wedding photo artist handmade city skyline wedding art

Looking for something elegant?  This two tiered serving tray vase is a perfect wedding or bridal shower gift for the couple who likes to entertain around the holidays and other special occasions.  What I like about this gift is that it's both chic and functional.  
Two Tiered Serving Tray Vase

Looking for something really rare and beautiful?  How about selecting this one-of-a-kind rose quartz platter.  It's a gorgeous gift for that special bridesmaid, your friend who likes to host dinner parties, or for yourself for blogging.  This natural Brazilian rose quartz platter with glittering sterling silver edges would serve up a classy presentation of meat and cheese selections next to a complementary set of cocktails.  This stunning flat surface can also give an appealing visual while displaying fine jewelry pieces and also adds a decorative flair to any bedroom or dressing area.  Or, you could buy it as a gift for yourself.  After all, it would be the perfect alternative to photographing a marble stone flat lay when showcasing your jewelry, perfume, beauty, and skincare products for your blog.
Rose Quartz Platter
Looking for something useful?  This wooden beer caddy is the perfect gift for your groomsmen, or those people in your life who love tailgating before a football game, bringing some brews to a backyard barbecue, and makes a great companion to game nights and camping trips in the great outdoors.

Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

What do you think of UncommonGoods gifts?

*This is a sponsored post however, all opinions are my own.