Thursday, May 31, 2018

An Interview With Margie Bridegam From Working Wardrobes

Hello! Today I wanted to introduce you to Margie Bridegam and a wonderful organization called Working Wardrobes based out of Southern California.  I discovered Working Wardrobes while I was volunteering at the “University of Southern California Day of Scervice Alumni Event” a few months back and I instantly fell in love with this organization!  They do so much good for the community, especially our heroes, our veterans!

Hi Margie! Thank you for sharing your time with us today.

What is Working Wardrobes and who do they serve?

Working Wardrobes is a non-profit life changing organization that has been around for 28 years and assists numerous veterans, abused women who are transitioning out of homeless shelters, and women moving out of the jail system in Southern California.
Working Wardrobes also assists many individuals who need to jump back into the work force due to a spouse suddenly losing employment (In this case, those individuals would need a referral to use these services).

What does Working Wardrobes do?

This organization assists with resume preparation, interview coaching, and customer service training, and by providing professional clothing for their new careers.  Volunteers help clients with creating professionally written resumes and usually have a professional background in human resources.  Working Wardrobes also provides a special customer service training certificate program where they learn how to work with the public in a professional capacity.  They even have a graduation after this training is completed.  If clients don’t have professional work attire or professional suits for an interview, Working Wardrobes also provides donated clothing from members of the community.  Clients can then personally shop in a store like environment from everything from ties and jewelry, to shoes and personal hygiene items.

The thinking behind these career services is

“A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out”

 and experiencing 

“The Power of A Paycheck”

What documents do veterans need to bring in receive services?

Veterans will need to show their ID card and discharge papers.

What is a “Success Event”?

“Success Events” are events where a boutique is set up with men’s and women’s clothing, career workshops are provided, career panels are arranged, professional photography for Linked In photos are available, and employers are ready on-site to meet clients face to face.  Breakfast and lunch is also served and at the end of the day there is a fashion show! There are 150 volunteers and 125 clients that we serve.  A lot of preparation and coordination goes into these events, and the end result is always such a positive experience!

How can we get involved with Working Wardrobes?

Please make your donation today!

·        Be a Success Driver: Donate $25/ month 

·        Be a Success Builder: Donate $100/ month 

·        Be a Success Captain: Donate $250/ month 

·        Monetary Donations for Vet Net Critical Needs Fund-For veterans and their families who are in critical need while transitioning to a civilian workforce: 

·        Invest In Our Work: Sponsor a client event, provide scholarships to take courses, or underwriting a fundraiser.  

·        Host a Donation Drive

·        Hire Our Clients

·        Build a Team/ Volunteer: Contact Margie Bridegam at:

·        Donation of Goods: Clothing/ personal hygiene items
Contact Anthony Terrazas at:

What items are needed the most?

We take all types of clothing, not just work wear.  You can donate casual clothing as well as professional work attire.  Personal Hygiene items are needed the most!!!

What Types of Fundraising Events Can I attend through Working Wardrobes?

Lastly, did someone say let’s go shop?

You can shop Working Wardrobe Resale Shops to show your support!

The Hangar Boutiques-Consignment Resale
·     Tustin
·     Laguna Niguel

Working Wardrobes Resale Boutiques:
·     Anaheim
·     Garden Grove
·     Costa Mesa
·     Huntington Beach

Visit: Working Wardrobes for promotions and new store openings!

For More Information on Working Wardrobes:

Visit Their Website: Working Wardrobes

Call To Get Involved: (714) 210-2460

Thank you for sharing your time with us Margie!  You are a gem!  I had a fabulous time speaking with you about this wonderful organization and plan to be participating in more events in the future.  

Please make your donation today!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Mental Health Awareness - End The Stigma With We Rise LA

I attended the WE RISE ART FESTIVAL this week in Los Angeles.  It was a truly moving and heartfelt inclusive art experience that left me astounded at this beautiful generation of individuals.  I admire you and support you. 

1726 N. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA
Please RSVP Online

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This is a reminder to break the Stigma Around The Topic of Mental Health and talking about things like: Depression, Suicide, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Body Dysmorphia, Anorexia, Eating Disorders, Orthorexia, Bulimia, Paranoia, and so much more.  We all deserve to talk openly and freely about our mental health just as much as we talk about our physical health and fitness. If you know someone who is struggling with mental health embrace them, give them a hug, ask them if they're okay, give them a call, invite them out for a walk, be their friend, love them back, be kind, smile, and understand that they deserve as much respect as you do.

Hope to see you at We Rise LA!

If you'd like to get trained in Mental Health First Aid (It's like a CPR course and is 8-hours in length.) This course teaches you how to help someone who is experiencing a mental health or substance abuse challenge. This course helps you identify, understand, and respond to signs of addictions and mental illness.

Please reach out through this link to see locations near you.  

If you know someone who is in a crisis, call the 
NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) 
or, in a crisis? TEXT:  NAMI 741741

To Learn more about mental illness, get involved, or donate visit: 

NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness)