Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I love the Piano!

work outfit and piano Ann Taylor Bebe Ralph Lauren Daiso

work outfit and piano Ann Taylor Bebe Ralph Lauren Daiso

work outfit and piano and tea cup Ann Taylor Bebe Daiso
Shirt: Piace (similar) Nordstrom Skirt Ann Taylor (similar)Ann Taylor
Earrings: Ralph Lauren: Macy's Heels: Zahara by Bebe (similar) Bebe
Vintage Purse:(similar) Etsy Tea Cup: Daiso (similar) Etsy
Hair: The Drybar Fashion Island, Newport Beach Make Up: Francisco Estrada
Photography: Franz Swantko

I love the Piano!  Have you ever tried to learn how to play the piano?  I have.  I remember taking piano lessons for about a year in middle school and dreading how my music teacher would tap my fingers with a pencil to make sure I arched them into a perfect “C” shape over the keys.  I struggled with different types of meters and playing the value of each note appropriately.  Let’s just say that hand-eye coordination didn’t exactly come easy to me either, so it was no surprise to my parents when I asked them if I could quit piano lessons for my birthday present….hahaha.  However, the ironic part is that I still “love” the piano dearly with all my heart.  I love the way it sounds from classical to Tori Amos.  It’s still my favorite instrument, well of course when it’s played correctly.  After all that, I decided to take up a less frustrating instrument for sight reading…my own voice.  That being said, if you aren't good at a certain hobby or sport, it's good to try something else that you might enjoy doing more. 

Today, I am wearing a lightweight blush pink top from Piace with billowed sleeves adorned with tiny rhinestones and pink pearls on the cuff.  This blouse is perfect for the Spring and Summer months, but I would recommend wearing a tan long sleeve camisole underneath if worn in winter.  The cream woven textured skirt is from Ann Taylor.  This is one of my favorite brands to wear to the office.  I never have to get anything tailored because the proportions are spot on for petites.  

Hope you have a great Wednesday :)



  1. Lovely ! Love the soft elegant colors on you ! Very elegant

  2. I'm too clumsy to wear light colors. I inevitably spill something or rub against something that will show dirt :( I really like this outfit though!

    1. I totally understand. It's probably good to bring a back up outfit in your car if you wear this to work haha.

  3. So beautiful and Classy. Elegant!!!