Monday, June 29, 2015

Meaningful Monday Topic: Collecting and Tossing

hoarding clothes collecting clothes donating clothes selling clothes organizing clothes
This photo was from an actual vintage sale

Does your closet look like this?  LOL Have you ever had a problem tossing out items when your closet (or trunk) got too full?  Any serious collector and lover of clothes, shoes, and accessories knows how difficult it can be to decide what stays and what gets tossed! On a more serious note, "collecting" too many items can actually be tied to something more emotional for some of us.  I happen to love vintage dresses and accessories, so for me, that is what I choose to keep and "collect":)  When tossing, I usually donate to the Salvation Army or give items away to friends.  How about you?  

What items do you collect?

How do you decide what items to keep and what gets tossed?

Letting Go: Do you donate to thrift shops, consign, sell online, participate in clothing swaps or give to friends?

Hope You Make It A Great Monday!

XO Joanna


  1. I am constantly trying to clean my closet out but it's so hard to keep up with when you have a shopping habit like me! Loved this post.

  2. I'm actually cleaning out my closet now! I'm not that attached to my clothes, and every year, I give my old clothes to charity so I don't crowd my closet and to help out when I can. :)

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  3. Usually I'm giving my clothes to my sister in law or cousins.Have fantastic week my dear ;-)

  4. This is awesome! I like this a lot.

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  5. Oh man, I honestly have the hardest time with this! Usually, if its something that does not have a special memory attached to it or is starting to look old from so much use, then I'll either donate to the Salvation Army or toss the old items.

  6. I usually always donate to Salvation Army or hand down to my sister who is also a huge collector of clothing. I'll toss the items that I haven't worn in the past year because I most likely won't be wearing them anytime soon.

  7. I am definitely a clothes horse who hoards a little. My mom regrets not saving some of her outfits or mom's outfits, especially since I grew up to have such a love of vintage so I think that fuels my fire. What if I want them one day/have a daughter who will want them/etc? That said, my vintage clothes, Bernie Dexter dresses, and PUG/Retrolicious items are non-negotiable keepers. Sometimes I have a change of heart with others and either donate, throw away (condition depending), or sell at a Plato's Closet store. Good post! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  8. omg, you'd better clean and wash them all :p

  9. I definitely collect way too much clothes sometimes because I thrift all the time but I'm pretty good about donating back. I want to get into selling my clothes online but donating is nice to keep the circle of clothes alive haha :)

  10. Thanks a lot, dear :D

    I collect some clothes: the basics definitely! :/

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  11. Usually I'm giving My clothes to My friends.
    xo Paola
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  12. Well I truly understand the difficulty of choosing what goes,I usually just donate my clothes to children's homes and the church

  13. I usually donate my clothes to Caritas but I'm lately I've been thinking about trying to sell them. I don't like to toss away clothes and if I do, I make sure I toss them in those bins that are meant for recycling clothes.